Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is an active Board with enthusiastic and hard-working members who bring a wide variety of expertise to the table. 

Health care is a people issue and a community issue. Each of our Directors’ area of expertise reflects this community focus. Our Board members bring the face of the communities we serve to our governance table, and as we seek new board members, this wide breadth of skills and expertise will continue to be sought.

Good Governance

Effective governance is key to a patient-centred health care system. The NE LHIN offers the following resources to assist our Health Service Provider (HSP) boards with their legal responsibility for the governance of their organizations. Within the link below you will find the LHIN-Health Service Provider Governance Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives, knowledge transfer slide decks, and sample checklists.

How does the North East LHIN make decisions?

The North East LHIN Decision Making Framework guides the NE LHIN staff and Board Directors in the evaluation of proposals for new programs and initiatives, changes to existing programs, and integration proposals.

While all NE LHIN decisions are viewed in the context of our mission and vision statement, the framework further outlines the criteria and measures taken into account in all NE LHIN decision making.


If you are interested in applying to the NE LHIN Board, click here. 

How to Get in Contact with Us

There are many ways to have a discussion with the NE LHIN Board of Directors and/or to meet a NE LHIN Board Director to be a part of your organization’s upcoming governance meeting. 

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Read a Summary of the Most Recently Held Board Meeting

Key decisions and information updates made during the North East LHIN Board of Directors meetings.

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