Enabling Technologies - Electronic Health Record Opportunities

The overarching goal of NE LHIN Enabling Technologies is: one patient, one record. This means a single point of access for services, patients tell their story only once, and service providers can securely access and share health information electronically while upholding patient privacy.

The Ministry has identified Enabling Technologies as a key focus area, which the NE LHIN continues to support through its IHSP priorities and goals.

eHealth is an Enabling Technology and is a term used to describe the use of information and clinical technologies in health care and is a key enabler of systemic change in Ontario. eHealth holds the potential to enhance patient care and access. 

Technology and information can: support patients to become healthier; provide faster access and a stronger link to family health care; and provide information to the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

As noted in Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, “When a (primary care) patient is discharged from hospital, they need to be made aware and able to access information quickly for appropriate follow-up.” Enabling Technologies and Electronic Health Record Opportunities enable this access.

The NE LHIN and a NE LHIN eHealth Advisory Council help to inform regional needs and implement related projects. The Council continues to ensure that the IHSP priorities are supported and enabled by innovative technologies.

Establishment of eHealth Project Management Office (PMO)

The North East LHIN's Project Management Office was established in December of 2009. Since then, the NE LHIN has established the North East LHIN eHealth Advisory Council and embarked on numerous projects dedicated to pushing eHealth forward in the North East.

The NE LHIN continues to build on the strong eHealth stakeholder collaboration that has been established over the years, and the new cross-LHIN partnerships in order to achieve improved clinical and patient outcomes for patients within the NE LHIN.

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