eHealth ICT Strategic Plan

The North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) has updated its existing eHealth Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan under the leadership of the North East LHIN eHealth Advisory Council (NEEAC). The process was carried out with extensive input from stakeholders through a survey, discussion papers, interviews, review of other surveys and eHealth planning documents.  The Council membership is multidisciplinary and eHealth Ontario and Canada Health Infoway (CHI) representatives participated and provided input into the plan.

The North East LHIN eHealth ICT strategic planning process takes a system-wide approach to healthcare, with a core principle to maintain a patient centric view.  The plan includes non-funded service providers represented on the NEEAC including:

  • Community pharmacists;
  • Nurse practitioners;
  • Children's treatment centres;
  • Community-based physicians; and
  • Public health and other agencies not funded by the LHIN, but who are partners in the circle-of-care.

The stakeholders, consulted as part of the planning process, identified electronic generation, sharing and integration of data as their key eHealth priority.  Thus the shared electronic client/patient record with appropriate standards, privacy, consent, and security provisions continues to be the key goal of the eHealth ICT strategic plan.

The North East LHIN's eHealth Advisory Council has revised and created the 2011-2016 eHealth ICT Strategic Plan.   

NE LHIN eHealth ICT Vision:

Information and Communication technology supports the processes of quality healthcare provision, access to health information (for all Northern Ontarians from anywhere in Ontario), improvement of consumer outcomes, and the most effective use of available resources across Northern Ontario, through collaboration and sharing information amongst providers and with consumers.

Enabling Access to Quality Healthcare to Northerners through Information and Innovation.

NE LHIN eHealth ICT Goals:

  • Improve consumer access to health information to support informed decision making and transactions involving the healthcare system
  • Enable information integration and communication among stakeholders and sectors
  • Improve care delivery management
  • Support information management for evaluation and accountability
  • Commit to research, education and knowledge transfer
  • Maximize available funding
  • Ensure a planned and coordinated approach to eHealth and ICT in North East Ontario

NE LHIN eHealth ICT Guiding Principles:

  • Consumer-centric system
  • Delivery of required electronic record (client/medical) content for each sector
  • Ease of use and access to information
  • Promotion of effective use of health human resources and quality of working life
  • Evolving approach to achievement of strategies
  • Standards for information management and data sharing
  • Standards for privacy, security and consent
  • Enabling mandatory reporting through the collection of data at the point of care
  • Aligned with provincial e-Health and NE LHIN IHSP directions
  • Commitment to evaluating the effectiveness of eHealth ICT Strategies

NE LHIN eHealth Strategic Directions:

  1. Establish the Electronic Record within individual organizations - shareable across the continuum of care.
  2. Extend data in the individual electronic records to other agencies.
  3. Govern the development of the regional iEHR effectively.
  4. Consumer Health - use techologies to respond to consumer needs.

Click here for a condensed version of the NE LHIN eHealth ICT Strategic Plan 2011 to 2016.

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