How Do You Get an Appointment

NEJAC is a referral based program that requires a referral from your Primary Care Provider (family physician or nurse practitioner). Our referral form can be obtained on our website here. Please have your Primary Care Provider fax the completed signed form to our office. An appointment with NEJAC will be set up within 36 days of receiving your referral.

NEJAC operates with the use of a highly trained APP. The APP has undergone additional training with the local orthopaedic surgeons. They have also completed several courses which specialize in hip and knee assessments, including treatment recommendations and x-ray interpretation. The APP will triage, assess, educate and recommend certain prescriptive options (exercise, nutrition, education, procedures, etc.,) depending on the severity of the radiographic findings and clinical presentation.

Acting as a liaison between the patient and their health care provider, the Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) will conduct a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment followed by treatment options that make sense. If it is determine that surgery is required, patients are given a choice between a preferred surgeon or the next available surgeon thereby reducing the wait time. Patients will be seen by an Orthopaedic Surgeon within 54 days of the original APP assessment.

When your assessment is complete and the APP has suggested a hip or knee replacement you will have 3 options:

  • Next available surgeon at a specific site
    • Health Sciences North
    • North Bay Regional Health Centre
    • Timmins and District Hospital
    • Sault Area Hospital
    • West Parry Sound Health Centre
  • Next available surgeon in the NE LHIN
  • Request for a specific surgeon

You will be given an appointment with the surgeon after your visit with the APP.

If the patient isn’t ready or if surgery is deemed to be unnecessary, a comprehensive Plan of care will be established allowing patients and their doctor or nurse practitioner to manage the symptoms going forward.

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