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Referral to the Program

Referral Form

Referral to the program is done by your Primary Care Provider (Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner).  They must be registered with the program (isaec.org) to become a verified referrer.  If they are already registered, they can complete the referral form and send to our Central Intake electronically or by fax to 1-855-653-7969.  If they are not registered as a verified referrer, they can do so by following this link: http://www.isaec.org/isaec-registration.html

Central Intake

Central Intake is the point of entry for  MSK referrals, including low back referrals.  Once the referral is received at Central Intake, it is then assigned to the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) that is closest to the patient’s home.  Patients are contacted for an initial appointment by the APP’s office within 2-4 weeks of referral.

If you have any questions or would like to check on the status of your referral please call 1-855-653-7966 or email isaec@hsnsudbury.ca.