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Health Links – a New Health Care Initiative Underway

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Health Links are a new model of care across the province where all providers in a community – including primary care, hospital, community care – are charged with coordinating plans at the patient level. Health Links are accountable to LHINs.

The NE LHIN has worked to determine how best these links will work to benefit patients in our region, and guided the efforts of the partners involved. In the North East LHIN, two Health Link pilot projects were among the 19 early adopters announced December 6, 2012.  

The realignment work already underway in the Cochrane Hub and Temiskaming District positioned our region well for the Health Links initiative that focuses on a more integrated model of care for Northerners.

Learn about progress with our early adopter Health Links – the Timmins Health Link and the Temiskaming Health Link.

Local Health Hubs

In Northeastern Ontario, where our communities and population are dispersed, the NE LHIN has introduced the concept of a Health Hub.  Our smaller rural communities may benefit more from Local Health Hubs which area an integrated health service delivery model where  most if not all sectors of the health system are formally linked in order to improve patient access.

In a Health Hub, a single funding envelope is provided to an organization to manage the health of the local population.  A Health Hub has one provider in the community that holds the accountability agreement and is responsible for delivering all services to the entire community.

To learn more about health hubs and how to start one, health service providers should contact their NE LHIN Hub Officer.

Adopting a Common Approach to Transitional Care Planning

This guide is a tool to promote standardization in transitional care practices, within and across Health Links, for complex patients. The guide describes the importance of robust transitional care planning and the benefits of using common approaches to the transition process.

Update on Progress for Patients with the North East LHIN Region’s Health Links

Background on Health Links